Kids Fun Stop
Parent's Night Out

On Friday Dec. 4th and Dec. 18th you can drop off you children
at kids fun stop from 5:30 till 8:30pm and run your errands or go
to a restaurant. We provide pizza or macaroni and cheese and

The children should be  under 6 years old, and be able to separate
from their parents for the 3 hours. Sign in and sign outs are
required. Having a working cell phone and ID is a must for
emergency contacts.

Price is $30 for first child,$20 for other siblings. Advanced
registration required.

There are lots of restaurants ,supermarkets ,Legacy Mall,Toysrus,
BestBuy, Lowes, Old Navy, Sears, Home Depot, Bj's, Cosco, DSW
Shoes, and more.