Regular Pricing

  • One Child $12 (includes 2 adults)
  • Additional Children $8 each

Important Note:  Adult supervision
required at all times. 

One discount per entry.  During busy periods, we ask that you limit play time to 2 hours. 

Same day Re-Entry Allowed
Please let front desk know you will be returning before you leave.

Payment Types
We accept Amex, MC, Visa, Dinners, or Cash.  Sorry no checks please.

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Snack Prices
We allow outside food, but also provide snacks for your convenience:

Poland Spring Waters  $ .75/1.50
Sparkling Water  $1.50
Pineapple Juice $1.50
Starbucks Double Shot Espresso  $3.50
Juice Boxes   $1.50
Soda  $1.50
Chocolate/Reg Milk  $2.00
Coffee  $2.00

Hummus/Apple Sauce/Fruit Cups  $1.25
Sunny Bars  $1.50
Cheese Stick/Gogurts  $1.00
Cliff Bars $3.00
Kids' Z Bars $2.00
Ice Cream Cups $1.25
Fruit Pouch $2.00
Bagged Snacks $1.25
Annies Organic Gummy Fruits $1.00
Fresh Apple Slices $1.00