ISIS Parenting

Kids’ FUN Stop (KFS) is an indoor playspace for kids 6 and under where parents and parents-to-be can gather, relax, make new friends, and meet old friends.  With the recent announcement that ISIS will be shutting its doors, we want to reach out to the ISIS parenting community to let you know we want to help.

ISIS Member Only Meet & Greet Event
Fri 1/24/2014, 5:30-7:30 PM 

We are hosting a special meet and greet event for ISIS members and their families suddenly displaced by the closing of ISIS. This meet and greet event is for ISIS members only and is free of charge.

Please RSVP by email us at [email protected] or call 617-325-0800.  If there is not ample interest, we will postpone/cancel this gathering. On the other hand, if there is a lot of interest we can set-up another date/time for another gathering. 

Note: If you are not a parent/parent-to-be (ie vendor) this is not a networking event. You may provide us with info to pass on to the parents, but this is a family meet and greet.

Have an unused Gift Card?
Kids' FUN Stop will honor (on a case-by-case basis & for a limited amount of time) any unused gift cards if the balance can be confirmed. We will ask that you match the portion of the gift card that you wish to redeem with the same amount of cash and you can apply that towards one of our gift cards, a monthly pass, pre-paid punch card or any other service we provide. (sorry, you can't get $50 worth of goldfish snacks!!!)
For example:
($50 gift card plus $50 cash = $100 at KFS!).
($200 gift card plus $75 = $150 at KFS!)   Gift card will need to be relinquished and balance must be accessible to verify.  

Need Space for Playgroups & Meetings?
We offer our playspace as a non-conventional meet-up/playgroup where you can hopefully connect, vent, cry, exchange phone numbers, etc. with other parents whom you may have met at ISIS.  

Our playspace includes an area for infants as well as play area for toddlers and young children.  Come make new & long lasting friendships for both you and your kids. We are also available for private rentals. (playgroups, birthdays, family gatherings, classes, book clubs, etc.)

Contact us at 617-325-0800 for more information on space availability.