Kids Fun Stop
A great opportunity to work out and ger rid of that stress without worrying
about arranging a babysitter for that time. You can see your child play while
you are exercising.
Our classes are so great, once you participate in one, you want to take it
Children should be old enough to play in the play space independently.

Class Description: This class is a low impact cardio class with lots of upper body
movements. Using a mixture of dance and Latin music to make the class fun. Class
starts with warm up and stretches and gradually gets more intense.
Taking this class will increases the body strength and flexibility and reduces stress.
To get a more intense workout from the class, the participants could carry weights
with them.
Instructor: Janette Harris is a native of Brazil who is a very competent dancer. She
has taught all levels of aerobics in Brazil.

Classes are $44 for 4 classes . Fee for drop in is $13 per class. One child per participant is free, additional
children will be $2 per child. Drop in participants need to inform us by 6 pm.

To register, please call Kids Fun Stop, (617)325-0800
Low impact aerobics
Low impact aerobics